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Injury Update: “Mentally this one has been the toughest” – Jack Wilshere Reveals Injury Progress


Jack Wilshere has revealed his current progress with the injury which has kept him out since the beginning of the season.

The 23-year-old suffered a hairline fracture to his left fibula during pre-season training which required surgery to put things right. It was later revealed that he would be out for three months.

However, he has revealed that he is “working hard” to come back in the stipulated time, which could be during the festive period.

“It’s going well,” he told Arsenal Player. “I’m working as hard as I can to try to come back. I know what it takes because unfortunately I’ve been injured a few times in my career and I know what it takes to come back. I’m not going to rush it. I’ll make sure my body’s right and at the moment I’m feeling good.

He has suffered many injuries in his career, but the player who Xavi touts as the future of England says this present one ranks up there as the worst.

“Mentally this one has been the toughest to take because I had a big injury last year, came back, got myself fit, back in good form, played for England. Then I cut my holiday short for two weeks and came in to try to get myself right for this season.

“I thought, ‘This season I need to be fit for the whole season and go into the Euros with a whole season behind me’. Unfortunately on the last day of pre-season I got injured so it was probably the toughest one for me to take.”




  1. Sounds like a rehash of what Wilshere says every season. Durung the same interview he mentions Rosicky and Welbeck being with him as the only other long term injuries. So where is Walcott and Ramsey?

    Wilshere says in the same interview he proved last season he is able to regain fitness and win back his place.

    What place is he talking about? The Cazorla/Coquelin partnership is an automatic pick now, just like Sanchez and Ozil are. Then Ramsey will be back from injury and pretty much be on the right Wing until injured next time.

    I think Wilshere’s lengthy absences have led to him being left behind and that each time he returns it is harder to get in the team than the time before. This I think is what he means when reading between the lines. At the moment when a season starts, we know Wilshere, Welbeck, Walcott and Chamberlain will miss most of it recovering from a bruise or another injury which normal men recover from in a week or two. Personally I don’t believe some men are built for football, especially in the EPL – and I would not be interested in paying them almost half a million a month proving this from the treatment table every season.

    With additional players bought in the transfer windows, Wilshere and Walcott had better start rethinking their lives and get with the program, otherwise they will find no way back into the team before long. Chamberlain is another one who should take heed, especially with Campbell emerging as a regular and Dan Crowley about to stake his claim. There is also Gnabry whose attitude at WBA is very bad, but who is technically a better player now at his age than Chamberlain and Walcott.

    • hi sire, your reaction to the piece makes a good read. otoh, i think Jack Wilshere is underachieving at the club. however, he seems destined to partner Coquelin in the central midfield. considering cazorla’s age, it is in best interest that the club grooms him on how to protect himself, as was said in the piece, rather than jump into worthless tackles that could have been avoided. sometimes, i just wish he could learn from Mesut Ozil.

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